Metsville Daily – 4/29/2006

Ramirez rounds third and heads home for the victory. The last night’s game between Norfolk and Rochester may be the one where the Tides turned the corner—and I was there.  After a closed door meeting following Friday’s 5-0 loss which dropped them to 6-17, the Tides pulled together a thrilling 11th inning win.  Lastings Milledge drove in Julio Ramirez (shown rounding third) for the winning run. 

The boys are learning to deal with adversity.  They coulda/shoulda when the batter before Lastings, Joe Hietpas’, bounced a ball off the pitcher, but Chris Basak was thrown out at home on a play I still can’t believe happened.  It was so impossible everyone in the stands started celebrating before the call.  Tide’s manager Tony Tijerina threw a lengthy tantrum, which I suspect was as much to communicate to his players his burning desire to win as anything else.

The Tides fans are marvelous.  I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout on a really cold night for a team with a woeful record.   In the eighth some fan ran, beer in hand, around the walkway between the first and second sections, raising the cheer.  There really wasn’t a need—everyone was into the game as they sensed a potential victory.  The Tides fell behind early, and trailed by a run late in the game, then tied it up in the eighth. 

It was one of those wonderful games where the will to win was discernable, and the difference in the game.  The crowd wanted it, and the players wanted it.  Suddenly it was no longer just a game, it was something more.

And it was fun.

The Mets were also in a contest, at Turner Field, where the Mets had dropped 28 of 35.  Tom Glavine got the victory against his former team.  It is the Amazins first series win in Atlanta since 2003.  Floyd had a great quote:

"I’ve always said, ‘Teams that win 90, 95 games … they remember the good things,’" Floyd said. "And teams that win only 80 or less, all they remember is the bad stuff."  —

Speaking of good stuff, Binghamton lost 1-0 to Erie, but Mike Pelfry gave up only 3 hits in 5.2 innings and didn’t allow an earned run. 

Let’s hope both the Tides and Mets remember the good stuff they experienced tonight.

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