A Whole New Ballgame

Having spoken about what is wrong in baseball, I want to shift my attention to what is right in baseball. And there is a lot that is right. Baseball, as a whole, is in better shape than it has been since the sixties. It has taken some forty years for baseball to find peace in its labor relations, and although another round of negotiations must occur soon, I am hopeful everyone realizes by now the folly of killing the golden goose.

And what a golden goose! Baseball has embraced the Internet better than any other sport, in my opinion. In fact, no one is even close. Kudos to MLB Advanced Media. They have aggressively and effectively targeted the broad spectrum of the baseball experience on MLB.com. Baseball is particularly well suited to the Internet, much the way it was radio. Football and basketball, with their smaller playing areas, are easier to present on television. But baseball, with its more robust sabermetrics and clock-like rhythm, is a natural for the Internet. Between Gameday, MLB.TV and instant access to statistics, there is a wonderful baseball experience that we could only dream about just a decade ago.

Baseball is fortunate the Internet exploded when it did, and to have a crack unit like MLB Advanced Media to take advantage of it.

God must be a baseball fan.


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