The Boston Smiter

I hate the Yankees. I hate curtain calls. I hate the Boston Press. I hate ESPN. I hate Joe Morgan. I hate Barry Bonds. I hate Jason HGHiambi. I hate Roger Clemens. I hate Yankee fans. I hate anyone who is arrogant enough to disagree with me. I really hate the hate mail all my hate generates. I hate all those hateful readers who express their distaste of me and my hatred on MY site. God smite down all I hate with Thy woeful Wrath!

Have a Nice Day!  ;-)




    Thank you Ballyard, it’s nice that someone else noticed the behavior of some others.

  2. SomeBallyard

    I think a lot of people noticed, and the Red Sox Chick Schtick will wear out its welcome. Cyn gets a lot of hits, but not because she is so popular; bloggers are looking for free advertising for their site. That’s the way the blogging game works, of course. There are others who may believe she has some kind of special pull with MLBlogs since her site seems to get featured extraordinarily often. It is a shame that mental ward draws so much air out of the MLBlogsphere when there are so many interesting sites worthy of attention.


    Well ballyard, I will not assist in promoting her popularitiy. I am sure she will be happy about that.

    And have no worries, my friend, I will not be posting on here and stiring cr*p. You are much more grounded than she is.


    “special pull with MLBlogs”

    Wow you give Cyn too much credit.

    Perhaps people go to her blog because it is one of the best Red Sox Blogs on MLBlogs.

    If you are not a fan, perhaps you should stay away.

    And I’ll be happy to let Mark from MLBlogs know that you two think she is getting special treatment. 🙂

    Try to have a nice day!

  5. Cyn

    Wow, this is great – Thanks for the extra advertising Michael!

    And I appreciate the special post just for me. Nice to know I’ve made such an impact in your life!

    (How sad that the only good content you’ve come up with is to bash someone..but hey, if I can help you feel superior then I did my good deed for the day. )


    Hee! What fun! Cyn’s being outright plagiarized now!

    But I don’t really get it.. You and your friend Jimbo call her site a mental ward and a waste of air (or some such thing) yet I see you both post there quite frequently.

    If you don’t like her or her blog, why do you waste your time reading it?

    And too funny about her having special pull with Uh, oh. I better call Mark Newman and tell him his secret affair with Cyn is no longer secret!


    What I find unbelievable is that we Red Sox fans cannot all get along. I think Cyn is great! This is my first visit here, tho it won’t be my last. But my goodness, we all root for the RIGHT team, don’t we? Peter from You are welcome to stop in and read a few (hundred) posts for my view of the Sox. Emotions galore. We need a win tonight..And tomorrow. And a few against Texas this weekend.


    I get it! I stated I would leave Cyn’s blog and leave here alone and that I would come here, yet you all have come over and started your cr*p.

    Cyn, you are a controlling little one. You’ve told me to go to other blogs and vent, so that is what I am doing. I was man enough to tell you how I felt, but you brushed it aside and said I should go to another blog, so that’s what I did. Now you are here. I guess your love for me cannot remain hidden.

    I understand, I have that affect on people.


    Jimbo, I, speaking for me myself only, like to read other people’s Sox blogs. I happen to love the team, and I have since ’67. Is there anything wrong with that? And maybe you can click on MY blog sometime, you and everybody here. I’ve never seen a comment from you over at WHY????? I think you’ll like it…please give it a shot, for me.

  10. SomeBallyard


    Technically speaking this is a parody, though in this case I could certainly understand why one might get confused.

    You are Cyn’s good friend Kay, are you not? The one she frequently mentions on her site?

    So you and Mark are that close, you can give him a ring, huh? Hmmm. Maybe I wasn’t so off base about special treatment after all. BTW, I said nothing about an affair. Do you know something I don’t?

    Why is there this assumption I would be concerned what Mark is told, unless there is some sort of currying of favor going on. Mark is paid to do a job, not listen to tattletails. If he’s doing his job properly, it won’t matter. And if he isn’t…well, it won’t matter either, now will it?

    So give him a ring and tell him I said hello, and that maybe he ought to consider providing the same level of access and attention to all bloggers who pay for their site. Otherwise MLBlogs is rigged, not a level playing field at all.

  11. SomeBallyard

    Thomas! Speaking of shortcomings, ‘Stros Bro, how’s that problem you’ve been having? 😉

    I’ve been wanting to ask you about the meaning of your last comments a few posts back (

    You should be happy someone actually comes here and response to your post.. It won’t last. “Ignorance is bliss”

    Posted by: Thomas | June 1, 2006 02:43 PM

    It was, after all that thinly veiled threat that got me wondering if maybe I wasn’t just imagining things about preferential treatment here on MLBlogs. I already knew you were Cyn’s little sychophant from reading her site. You kept coming back like one of those flying monkeys on the Wizard of Oz doing the bidding of the Wicked Witch. Thought you might actually know something I didn’t. Didn’t much think that was possible, but maybe you do. Like Alice says, this is getting curioser and curioser.

  12. SomeBallyard

    Well hello, Cyn. Welcome to Some Ballyard. Somewhat hypocritical of you to criticize me on my own site, as Jimbo noted, but what is a little hypocrisy among friends? Leave it to you to think my latest work my best (I personally find it my worst); you have such a profound appreciation of the negative. I must confess I was mimicking your work, which might explain why you think so highly of it. But then, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    I told you I have a sense of humor–but then, you probably deleted that comment. Too bad you didn’t censor Kay’s slip about calling Mark, or I didn’t delete Thomas’ inane babbling. It may turn out to be marvelously ironic that what started this whole shindig was you calling Bonds a cheat—on my site.

  13. SomeBallyard


    Sorry you were caught in the middle of something you didn’t understand. I was a Bosox fan before Cyn was even born. It has taken me twenty years to forgive the Mets for winning that ’86 series, but I live in Norfolk now (home of the Mets AAA Tides) and, well, what are you going to do?

    Thanks for stopping by, and, again, sorry you were caught in the middle. I promise to visit your site soon and we’ll swap wonderful memories!

    Warmest regards,



    I just saw these comments and hope you all don’t mind if I weigh in. Number one, Cyn is an outstanding writer whose passion shows in her blogging. Number two, as I’ve said before, we have gone out of our way in the first year of MLBlogs to blend fan blogs with those of MLB personalities, and we rotate them regularly. Her relatively high page view totals within the MLBlogosphere are not the result of what we do to promote blogs (although I hope everyone benefits from our promotion, which includes being no more than two clicks away from and pages), but because she has a high volume of INBOUND LINKS. Those are two of the most important words in the overall blogosphere. People around Red Sox Nation link to her blog because it’s good. So is this one. Our goal is to spread the wealth in visibility for everyone’s blogs, including creating the recent Rookie section to help people get off to a good start, and we will continue to operate that way.

    Cyn also was one of the first people to email me with her Spheroid responses on the MLBlogosphere blog. She is savvy about getting people to what she spends time creating.


  15. Thomas

    Oh ye great Oz.. It’s sycophant. If you’re going to try and use big words, at least use the right word… or a word.. That is all.

  16. SomeBallyard

    Well, Thomas, you’re absolutely right, it is. I’ll change it. Have you ever seen South Park and the spelling monkey?

  17. SomeBallyard

    Tell you what, Mark, how about both you and I rethink your post. We’ll talk about it tomorrow night.

  18. Cyn

    Actually, Michael, no one ‘tattled’ on you. I often read your blog.

    Guess I’m just honored that you think so much of me that you dedicate entries to me.

    And calling out Mark? That’s a brilliant move. Why take him for his word when he’s just the guy who runs the place, eh?

    Having someone be jealous of me is terribly enjoyable.

    (And, folks, especially Mark, thanks for the kind words of support.)

  19. SomeBallyard


    Ironic how the “jealosy” defense is exactly how Bonds dismisses his distractors. As far as “tattling” or “calling out” are concerned, it was your cronies who threatened to contact Mark, which I made very clear didn’t bother me at all. Cronyism, on the other hand, does. You don’t seem to understand the seriousness of the issue. The appeal of MLBlogs over other blogs is the opportunity to have one’s site promoted. That’s why we pay our fifty bucks rather than use any number of free services. To have one member’s site promoted so noticeably above other member’s sites violates the very premise of MLBlogs. Mark understands that. Jealousy has nothing to do with it. It is simply asking for a level playing field.


    Does that mean you don’t like friendship.

    I scurry thru the blogs every morning, trying to catch a few different ones every day.

    The fact that I landed on yours yesterday was just by chance. And actually I am sorry I did.

    You obviously don’t understand Cyn’s writing.

    Or perhaps you just don’t like her ;(

    That’s sad. her writing is one of the best on MLblogs.

    Did you seriously think I was going to “tell” Mark on you.

    Goodness, get a life, I stopped tattling about 50 years ago.

    Mark reads all the blogs, no one has to tell him anything.

  21. Cyn

    All i have to say, Michael, is the fact that you think I get highlighted more than anyone else here is total erroneous. You are now not taking shots at me, but diminishing Mark and the work he does here.

    I have never met Mark nor do I have any connections to MLBLogs except for the same one you have, which is paying my fee for the privilege.

    I won’t apologize for having a popular page, nor will I apologize for having ‘friends’ who choose to defend me. I’m very pleased about both.

    And, for the record, in THIS case, “Noni” DID email me about your response. There are many people in the world who don’t like to see someone they care about get attacked. Go figure.

    If you don’t think there is a level playing field here, that’s your paranoia and nothing else. No need to disparage Mark just to get your cheap shots in at me.

  22. Thomas

    You know.. You’re really a whiney thing aren’t you.. Maybe you should write something worthwhile and your blog will get promoted. My blog is about the Astros which is one of the teams on the lower side of the media attention, yet I’ve had my blog advertised multiple times and so have my other fellow Astros Bloggers( and ). It has nothing to do with favoritism.. if you’re interesting or have a good point, you’re going to get promoted.. if you’re not.. well then I guess you’ll be the one pointing fingers at someone who works their tail off to try and get the average fan’s word out. Instead of trying to be interesting, your resulting into shamelessly advertising on more interesting blogs or insulting more interesting bloggers.. I’ll give you credit.. it’s working.. you’re getting people coming here to defend someone they enjoy reading.. get off your pity pony and be interesting.. act you’re age.. maybe you’ve been watching too much South Park..


    Thomas, thomas, thomas, you are so pathetic my friend. The fact that all of you are here is because I posted here and I did plan to leave Cyn’s blog alone.

    You have all put on a display of your own immaturity. I came here to this blog and agreed with Ballyard, so what? I don’t like Cyn! Since I found someone compatible with the same thought, I came here.

    However, you have all decided to come over here and in the name of, ‘Defending’ her, you have proven to be no different then the idiocy you speak out against.

    I was not going to come back to Cyn’s blog. I disagree with her, I let her know, and I was going to move on, but here you all are.

    And Noni, you are 60, the same age as my Dad and he wouldn’t be bothering with this ****. I guess you feel you need to express some youthful exuberants, but allow me to remind you of what was stated above. I was leaving Cyn’s site, so thank you guys for proving you are more foolish than me.

  24. Thomas

    Jim, I’ve been disagreeing with Michael since well before you posted here and will probably continue for the foreseeable future.


    Well Thomas, you are no different than me! Just as I conduct myself, you come to this blog and throw your derogatory comments around. Why do you come here? Don’t answer because I already know what you are going to say. I feel the same thing going to Cyn’s blog.

  26. SomeBallyard

    Yes, Jim, Thomas is a rather disagreeable person. I’ve been trying to get rid of him now for awhile, but he keeps coming back, no matter how many times I slap him around.

    Thomas, maybe you should watch a little South Park. Not only would the levity do you some good, my son keeps telling me I’m your Scotty Tenneman.

  27. SomeBallyard

    Since you’re such a remarkable writer, surely you must know your Shakespeare. “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”. I think Mark would tell you the same thing I’m telling you: Shut up. You’re only going to make matters worse.

  28. SomeBallyard

    Can you clarify a little? Are you saying that Red Sox Chick is something of a “most favored blogger” because of the high volume from links outside MLBLogs to her site? Or are you saying that internal MLBlogs promotional efforts aren’t particularly effective, hence the extensive featuring of her site on MLBlogs doesn’t matter?

  29. SomeBallyard


    I’m sincerely sorry you got caught in the middle of this. I have no problem with you being a Red Sox Chick fan at all. Thanks for dropping in, and, again, my humblest apologies.


    That’s interesting since he was one of the Pukes who called me out. No wonder he gets along with Cyn so much, he’s a hypocrite.

  31. SomeBallyard

    Yep, Thomas is Cyn’s boy. Amazing how they have violated every single one of their moral preachments, isn’t it? And where is that vaunted sense of humor? I thought the post that started all of this was pretty funny myself, which is amusing in and of itself considering they have on more than one occasion accused me of lacking a sense of humor. If you’ll notice, every time they’re getting creamed its the “just kidding” schtick. Yeah, these two are something to behold. I’m having a great time just watching them make fools of themselves here.


    As I stated, it’s no wonder she is in her 30’s and unmarried. I can only imagine the domestic disputes of a husband wanting to beat her. HA!

  33. SomeBallyard

    Jim, that’s too far. I don’t condone personal attacks like that and certainly not violence. I certainly understand the sentiment as much abuse as you’ve taken at her and her cronies hands, but let’s maintain the moral high ground here.

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