Mr MLBloggers Neighborhood

RookiesCircledInYellowHello, and welcome to MLBlogs, where you have an equal opportunity to build your readership! The primary benefit of MLBlogs, in contrast to other blogging services, is that here you can get your site noticed. Because it is a specialized blogging service, there are far fewer sites competing for attention. But we do compete, and much of the fun is outperforming your fellow bloggers.

I’m going to show you some of the ropes here, maybe get you up to speed and into the fun a little quicker. For example, you probably are reading this particular post of mine because I referred you when I welcomed you after you first created your post. How did I know you had created a blog? Because MLBlogs has a special Rookies section (circled in yellow in the image) which gives you your first exposure! Isn’t this fun?

I’ll explore the other areas where a blogger’s work is exposed, and how they really work, as we go along. For now, you’ve learned your first technique: always welcome the Rook. Indeed, posting on others’ blogs is the surest way to build your readership, and the most fun. Learn to appreciate other’s blogs, and soon you will find those of like interests who can appreciate yours. — Michael Norton


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