Da Doodle Rules

DaDoodleRulesAs Mr. Doodles reminds me, baseball is a child’s game. That is ultimately, I think, the appeal. Baseball is more akin to hopscotch, or musical chairs or red light, green light than it is a sport. What could be more childlike than running to a safe spot? Run, Doodles, Run!!! With that inane grin he runs and touches his “base”, a place where he is safe and won’t get tickled. He isn’t there yet-he is, after all, only two years old and still soils himself-but I can tell he isn’t far from being able to comprehend such a game. Coz that’s what Doodle Rudles do. – Michael Norton



  1. Matt

    “…baseball is a child’s game. That is ultimately, I think, the appeal.”

    Aint it the truth!

    One thing I miss about having a tyke in the house is how easy it was to get a genuinely fun game started with just a rolled up newspaper and sock in the living room. Or a styrofoam noodle and beach ball in the shallow end of the pool. No Little League trappings or pressures yet, just a kid with a smile and an .800 batting average.


  2. SomeBallyard


    In all fairness, that’s cause Doodles can only count to two 8)

    Nice piece on Manny, BTW

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