Troll Alert

TrollOur moderator has just made us aware there are trolls roaming our fair land. Trolls! Do not panic. And, especially, do not attempt to take action yourself. Trolls, after all, are dangerous creatures. You might get flamed! Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never … ah, well, I never put much faith in proverbs.

There are advocates of trapping, but that is ill advised. What would you do if you caught one? That seems to be the conundrum of the trapper. Since there is no trap that will hold a troll, and the secret is in the bait, trappers really should be called baiters. They post on controversial topics that they know will lure trolls (as well as a few legitimate commenters who end up scratching their head and wondering how they got into that! Sort of like dolphins and tuna…). Indeed, I’ve been watching one master baiter right here in our fair land. Would be entertaining except for the whining. If you do bait trolls, do not run crying to daddy when the troll hands you your behind. Throw up a red flag in front of a bull, and you are probably going to get gored. Besides, there’s no crying in baseball.

So much for the baiter. What is needed is a master debater. I myself had trouble with a few trolls on my site earlier this year. Not anymore (lol). And, of course, there is always the delete button. That’s what makes blogs different from message boards. Just press delete. You have that power. Of course the Troll will probably respond on his or her or its own site. But then…wait, what is the problem again?

Here Trolly, Trolly, Trolly.



  1. john

    Oh those darn Trolls. What would life be with Scott Kazmir on the Mets?
    God ireally do wish that we beat the Pirates tonight. I couldnt understand why Maine was starting if Willie didnt bring in Oliver last night. It befuddles me how we have to start our 7th starter tonight. Do you know if Bannister is coming back soon?



  2. Michael


    I’m starting to wonder if maybe Willie’s trying to just rest the staff, taking advantage of the All Star Break to let arms rest up for the second half.

    Either that, or its the…TROLLS!!!

    Seems like I heard Bannister isn’t coming back for awhile, but I may be wrong. Might visit Carl over at Inside Pitch, he always seems to have the scoop.

    Patience, it’s just a slump. Builds character. Rather have them peaking in October than July.

  3. Matt

    Funny piece, Michael.

    “there are trolls roaming our fair land.”

    This fair land reminds me of Orwell’s Animal Farm(ie some animals are more equal than others), except in “our fair land”, the “fairest” of the fair appear to be very fair indeed. 😉

  4. SomeBallyard

    I think it’s fair to say that, although in all fairness the fairest a fowl’s nest can ever be is foul.

    Glad to see you remember what started all of this. I lose track myself sometimes 8)

  5. SomeBallyard

    Speaking of Orwell, this unofficial official response awhile back when the issue of fairness first arose is definitely Orwellian Doublespeak:

    “I just saw these comments and hope you all don’t mind if I weigh in. Number one, Cyn is an outstanding writer whose passion shows in her blogging. Number two, as I’ve said before, we have gone out of our way in the first year of MLBlogs to blend fan blogs with those of MLB personalities, and we rotate them regularly. Her relatively high page view totals within the MLBlogosphere are not the result of what we do to promote blogs (although I hope everyone benefits from our promotion, which includes being no more than two clicks away from and pages), but because she has a high volume of INBOUND LINKS. Those are two of the most important words in the overall blogosphere. People around Red Sox Nation link to her blog because it’s good. So is this one. Our goal is to spread the wealth in visibility for everyone’s blogs, including creating the recent Rookie section to help people get off to a good start, and we will continue to operate that way.”

    I think what first confused me was the assumption that hits reported on a site meter were of any concern. I honestly wasn’t even aware Red Sox Chick had a site meter. Not that I would pay any stock in one anyway–I’ve been a web developer since, well, since the web–and I know a thing or two about how those things are used (and the numbers RSC is putting up are bs. 500+ overnight? For what is really just a small time blog? Please…). But in any case, the issue isn’t web traffic, it is fairness and the ultimate health and viability of MLBlogs. The issue is giving all blogs an equal opportunity to establish a vibrant readership. Instead MLBlogs had become by then the personal promotional tool of Red Sox Chick and, to a lesser extent, Stros Bro.

    Notice how slick the response is. It took me an entire day to decompose the message and recognize it says nothing meaningful at all–and even manages to slip in a couple of promos! Orwell would have been proud.

    My response stopped the nonsense dead in its tracks, though:

    “Can you clarify a little? Are you saying that Red Sox Chick is something of a ‘most favored blogger’ because of the high volume from links outside MLBLogs to her site? Or are you saying that internal MLBlogs promotional efforts aren’t particularly effective, hence the extensive featuring of her site on MLBlogs doesn’t matter?”

    Never got a response on that one, of course.

  6. SomeBallyard

    Can’t avoid it Cyn. Everytime I get on MLBlogs, I see you featured! Reminds me of a scene out of one of my favorite flicks–being from Boston I’m sure you’d appreciate–Boondock Saints. In particular, the line about not being able to go to the corner store without running into seven guys… well, you know. You’d think you ran the place or something.

    Guess your comment means downgrading the troll alert was premature.

  7. Matt


    If you wanna be treated fairly, get with the program and change your name to “Samanatha’s Ballyard”

    After speaking with my media consultant, I’m pretty much resigned to “DianneHacks”. It’s not so bad. She said I could keep the purple background.

  8. SomeBallyard


    Unfortunately any feminine nomiker before “Ballyard” evokes some pretty hideous images. On the other hand, so does “DianneHacks” 8)

    Interesting to see you’ve noticed the same phenomena. Nothing more disgusting than a man with responsibilities playing with…uh, what does Stros Bro call them?…oh yeah, the “girlies”.

    They’re going to let you keep the purple? You mean MLB doesn’t have rights to the color purple?

    That means if I get ushered out of here I could use any color I wanted! And…and I could say whatever I wanted, without having to tip toe around and pray I don’t offend one of the chosen and get banished to outer darkness where I’ll mutter for all eternity “ignorance is bliss”

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