The Brick

ESPN2 is carrying the Triple A championship game tonight (yes, I know its a replay) from my old haunts, Bricktown Ballpark in Oklahoma City. What a pleasant surprise! The Brick is a relatively new, modern ballpark in the heart of a revitalized downtown area. If you haven’t been to Oklahoma City in the last five years, you haven’t been. They spent a lot of money putting in canals and renovating the old warehouse area known a Bricktown, where the ballpark is located. The Brick is a marvelous place to catch a game–there isn’t a bad seat in the house. Wish I had gotten photos when they were constructing it. Sheesh.

Thanks to all the well wishers who left comments on the Mets clinching.

— Michael Norton

One comment

  1. Carl

    Get your Metro Card now Michael, cause I really feel a Subway Series on the horizon. I’ll be discussing the playoff roster soon and strategies for handling the dreaded lefthanders in the playoffs, so stay tuned.

    I love attending Minor League games also, where they still understand the concept of “Fan Friendly”. For any family that wants to truly enjoy the baseball experience, the Minors are where it’s at.


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