Little Big Man

I’ve followed the career of David Eckstein for a number of years now. One reason is my son is about the same stature, in every sense of the word. He wasn’t given much of an opportunity to play sports because of his size, and as a parent it was painful to watch. He is now a triathlete. I pointed out Eckstein to him as a role model, something fathers usually don’t do to their adult sons. That speaks volumes for Eckstein, as does the fact he has had to scrap for everything he has achieved.

It’s not the size of the dog in the scrap that matters, it is size of the scrap in the dog. That scrappiness undid the Tigers, as his MVP trophy attests. Notice it wasn’t some beefed up basher who won the MVP; instead it was the little man who came up big. Maybe this is a fitting end to the steroid era. Maybe the contracts will start going to baseball players, not circus freaks. It was interesting to note that Eckstein, who is probably vastly underpaid, admitted he has never bought a new car.

He’s now driving the Corvette. Good for him. Good to see.



  1. Matt

    I dont know if it’s related to his height, but doesnt Eck have a funny release, like he’s throwing uphill or something? I kept thinking his throws would land in the stands, but each one ended up right at Albert’s chest.

    ( fyi, Eck makes $3.3M )

  2. SomeBallyard


    Wish you hadn’t told me how much Eck makes, I prefer to think he is a pauper. I could have looked it up, ya know 😉

    Actually I find it fascinating, and it makes my point, that a man who is a multi-millionaire doesn’t indulge in that new car smell.

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