Welcome to the 2007 Baseball Season!

Welcome to the 2007 Baseball Season! We are all undefeated. We are all equal. Finish two games above .500, and it is possible you, too, can be celebrating like it is 1982 this time next year. Every fan has every reason to hope, every reason to believe.

Seven different champions in seven consecutive years. Major League Baseball, to its credit, has managed to achieve parity without, as is the case in the NFL, mediocrity. There are some great teams out there, dominant ones, even. But there isn’t a team out there that can truthfully say they haven’t got a snowball’s chance in Hades of hoisting that crown next year.

Fire up the Hot Stove!

— Michael Norton



  1. Steven

    Congratulations Michael Norton on another Cardinals championship. Thank you for pointing out my mistaken 2007 World Series title. I am probably already anticipating winter and day dreaming about 2007. Great photos!

  2. SomeBallyard

    Even the Royals, Charlie, although I can certainly understand you wonderment. I’ll pop by and check out the site.

  3. SomeBallyard


    I’m actually a Mets fan, but I was pleased to see the Cards victorious. Wouldn’t have minded the Tigers, either.

    Don’t sweat the 2007 thing. If that’s the worst gaffe you make, you’re batting much better than I am 8)

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