She’s Outta Here

Well it seems Red Sox Chick has decided to call it quits here at MLBlogs. In fact, this post will push her last pathetic entry off the “Recently Updated Weblogs” list she has hogged so long–unless she falls back to her old stratagem of reposting, of course.

It is amazing RSC had any beef with MLBlogs. Her blog was promoted so heavily and so often it had achieved the moniker MFB (Most Favored Blogger) privately among several of us early MLBloggers (RSC was only two months older than Some Ballyard). The justification given was circular: she was given so much promotion because her blog was so "popular". Personally I didn’t care until some RSC cronies threatened to wield some of that power against Some Ballyard, which is the danger of such inside dealing.

Yet despite all the success MLBlogs had afforded her, she jumped ship, complaining.

I hope this is a lesson to the powers-that-be here at MLBlogs. We have an opportunity to thrive as a democratic community, where all blogs share in the spotlight. Hopefully a new, better day is dawning here at MLBlogs.

— Michael Norton




    I’ve had beefs for a long time with not being able to control my content. The ‘powers that be’ knew that and none of this is personal.

    Unlike, of course, your jealousy. It’s sad that after having something so life-changing happen to you, you’re still so bitter for no good reason.

    Ironically, all your mad rantings about me only added to the traffic you so envy at my blog.

    Have a nice life.


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