O Say

Well, He11, after watching the Tides defeat the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees last night I realized the impossibility of ignoring the Orioles, the parent club of my Norfolk Tides.

There is a part of me that envies fans who live in the same city their entire lives and get to root for one team from birth.  I suppose this is the classic American story: very few of us really have roots anymore.

On the other hand, the grass is always greener in the other ballpark, and in a sense I’m blessed.  I have experienced the great variety this land of ours has to offer.  I have at one time or another been a Giants fan, a Yankees fan, a Red Sox fan, a Cubs fan, a Rangers fan and a Mets fan, and enjoyed every minute of it.  I suppose I am fortunate to have not one but two major league teams within an hour of each other.

One should have an AL team and an NL team I’ve always said.  It’s not like these two teams are likely to ever meet in the World Series.  So I suppose rather than a Nats fan or an O’s fan, I could be more properly called a Chesapeake fan, property of MASN, the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network.

Thanks, Peter Angelos.


  1. jccilgop@aol.com

    I have never heard a person say that at one point in their lives they have been a Yankees fan and a Red Sox fan. I’m a Yanks fan, and would never think about rooting for the Red Sox (I even lived in Boston for 3 years).

    How are you getting to watch AAA games? What cable package do you have?

    http://www.politicalguy.com (baseball and politics)

  2. Patrick

    and another thing…if we tie in fantasy,, we need to have some sort of blog off to determine the winner…

  3. SomeBallyard

    Political Guy,

    I was born a Giants fan, then became a Yankees fan when I discovered baseball, and in particular Mickey Mantle, at the age of ten. I turned to the Red Sox during those sophomoric college days when I was taught to hate the ‘corporate Yankees’ and all they stood for and worship baseball in all its Puritanity. I, of course, grew up and returned to the Yanks for a time when they kept beating the **** out of my Rangers in the playoffs (if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em).

    The Cubs were during a wonderful summer in between when they started appearing on cable in the afternoons while I worked nights.

    The Mets, of course, were the parent club for thirty eight years of the Norfolk Tides.

    The Tides game was broadcast on the local Hampton Roads channel. You might want to check out MILB.TV if you are interested in the minors.


  4. SomeBallyard


    I agree with you about being a baseball fan, and had never really thought about the peculiarity of baseball in that respect. That is an interesting notion.

    As far as blogging off, well, I haven’t done that in years…at least not in public (lol).

    It is close, though. I was up by one point last night. Pitching is killing me.

  5. SomeBallyard

    I actually like the pink 8)


    Been by your site several times, definitely worth a read.

    I’m sure you are aware Maine used to be part of Massachussets, so, in a sense, you are home.

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