Bloody Dogooder

First he says steroids are rampant in baseball.  Then he gets before Congress and says he may have overstated his case, and calls Canseco, who named players using steroids, a liar.   Then Curt Schilling says this:

“He (Bonds) admitted he used steroids. There’s no gray area,” Schilling said. “He admitted cheating on his wife, Mike Krukow thinks Schilling's rear end matches that of the great Secretariat, or any number of equine athletes.cheating on taxes and cheating on the game.”

He later said “It’s just unfortunate there’s good people and bad people.”

Giants flagship station KNBR has a morning show centering on announcers Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow. On Wednesday, Krukow pulled no punches, calling Schilling a “horses’s ***.”

Mike Krukow thinks Schilling’s rear end matches that of the great Secretariat, or any number of equine athletes.

Krukow essentially said that Schilling is a blowhard, calling him an “idiot” who always seems to pop off about things he doesn’t need to comment on and saying “a little knowledge goes a long way. He thinks he knows a lot about everything.”

Source: SFGate: San Francisco Giants : The Splash : Krukow: Curt Schilling is a ‘horse’s ***’

Now he apologizes, I’m sure after getting his horse’s *** chewed by every responsible person in Major League Baseball (does Bud Selig count as a responsible person?) trying to protect their product.  And, of course, you know his little slip of the tongue cost him a pretty penny.

The way this is going next thing you know Schilling will be on top of a building shouting “The Sheriff’s a Ni**er!

— Michael Norton



  1. John

    I enjoy your blog man. A lot of great photos spice it up too. Great take on Schilling’s big mouth.

  2. SomeBallyard

    Thanks, John. I couldn’t hardly contain myself on Schilling 8)

    The photos are relatively new. SBY has generally been a print only blog. But I’m moving more into the images arena. Got a new camera on order, as a matter of fact.

    Do you have a blog?

  3. Noni

    I understand that Curt talks much too much about everything, but, Barry Bonds is a cheat and does not deserve to beat any record. When he admitted to using, his record should have been wiped and started over.
    Do you also think he belongs in the Hall of Fame?


  4. SomeBallyard

    I personally think if we keep Barry out of the Hall of Fame for these reasons, we also need to not consider Giambi, McGwire, Canseco, and anyone else spanning the past twenty years or so who’s played the game (including Schilling), until we come up with a concrete resolution to the steroid issue. You just don’t know who you can trust anymore, and as far as I can see, the shadow of suspicion has been cast over everyone in the profession. We certainly have no way of proving anyone innocent, and the only ones that we can prove guilty are those who have tested positive…or caught red-handed using. Everything else is just hearsay.


  5. SomeBallyard

    Do I believe the single season home run record holder and the soon to be all time home run record holder belongs in the Hall of Fame?

    Are you kidding me? What criteria would you apply?

    Or are you asserting that Bonds is disqualified because he used steroids. Of course you have proof of that. It is somewhat un-American to deny anyone their due without a thing we like to call due process. Bonds “admitting” to using steroids is a complete distortion, and one that ***** Schilling made. Bonds admitted to using a substance given to him by his trainer that he believed to be innocuous. Is he lying? Oh, probably. Doesn’t make any difference. Again we do not deprive anyone of their due without due process. We require proof. Not hysterical distortions.

    And even if Bonds did use steroids—did his competition? Were none of the pitchers or fielders he faced using? How many homers did juicing pitchers whose arms should have been tiring rob Bonds of? How many fly balls that would have dropped on a dead legged fielder were caught? Can a person really cheat when cheating is so widespread it becomes the rule? Or was PED abuse limited to just a few? Schilling claimed it was widespread. Then, before Congress, he claimed that was a distortion. Shall we exclude everyone from the steroids era from the Hall? Or just the ones that you, and Schilling, know to be juiced? What about Ortiz? He admitted he might have consumed steroids in a protein shake. Isn’t that exactly the same kind of admission Bonds made? Shall Big Papi be excluded from the Hall, as well? Who else? Can you provide us a list so we will all know?

    Perhaps then we can cross reference and make some determination as to what effect the juicers had on everyone else’s statistics, so we can then make valid comparisons to determine who does, and who does not, belong in the Hall.

    Of course the truth is that isn’t possible. The ultimate effect of MLB, and the fans, turning a blind eye on the steroid problem until someone with a personality none of us can stomach threatens the most hallowed of baseball’s records, is that nothing means anything. We bought this. We wanted our home runs. We came back to baseball after being abused time and time again, enduring labor stoppage after labor stoppage. But two suddenly large men shatter a record that had stood for a third of a century, and we come running back. Or did you not know Big Mac and Slammin’ Sammy were juicing? I thought you had some special power of discernment. ****, even I knew that.

    Who is innocent here, that they may judge?

    And what is it with people like you, your daughter (Red Sox Schtick) and Schilling, anyway? What causes such violent hatred? You came on a site proudly flying a Giants logo and bad mouth a Giants player. You had to know what was coming. I took care of your daughter doing exactly the same thing. And yet you simply could not help yourself. And doesn’t it strike you as almost moronic to declare that Schilling has a problem running off at the mouth, and then say exactly what he said? What is it with you people? Can you not stand the thought that someone else might actually be enjoying themselves, that you must spoil it for them? If I want to celebrate the fall of a monumental record, I will.


    — Michael Norton

  6. Cyn

    Man, you are seriously psychotic. If I knew you in real life I think I’d actually be afraid of you, but this way, I just pity you.

    Hatred and anger come from you…no where else around here.

    Good luck with all that anger you have Michael.

  7. Cyn

    And as far as coming to a “Giants fan’s” blog, give me a break. You’ve been a fan of practically every team since you started your blog, over the last two weeks it was the Red Sox, so stop attacking people just because they DARE disagree with your POV.

  8. Cyn

    My apologies. I’ve no reason to come here and light into you. This is your blog and you’ve a right to write whatever you like. It just is sad that you choose to focus on slamming people who you have no idea about instead of using it to share the baseball knowledge you have.

    I realize now that you only write to create drama and I should just let you go, even when you attack my mother, because your words speak volumes and I have no desire to add to your drama addiction.

  9. SomeBallyard


    Why do you and yours keep coming back here? Why? Why can you not just stay away? I’ve asked you to leave. I’ve flayed your asinine logic. Yet you keep showing up, over and over and over again.

    I think that is the textbook definition of a mental health issue, drama queen. Get help. Or don’t. ****, I don’t care. Just go away. Go kiss that idiot Mark Newman’s ****. He’s shown a proclivity for listening to your bull****. You are wasting my time. Just go away.

    And take Mommy Dearest with you.


  10. Aubrey

    I think that your responses to Noni’s comment about Bonds were perfectly fair and not overly mean at all. Some people just don’t know when to shut up and leave other people alone. I also think that your comment was quite brilliant. Nice analysis of steroid use. And it is also nice to hear that some one remembers that a person is innocent until proven guilty.


  11. SomeBallyard

    Thank you for your kind words. I find it unfortunate that perhaps the greatest baseball achievement of our lifetime has been reduced to absurdly simplistic banalities like “cheater”, and that those of us who choose to appreciate it, like a rare comet, are subject to derision.

    Read an article about Vizquel’s chances at the HOF. I’ve always appreciated him as a player, but I didn’t realize just how good he really has been all these years.

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