Innocent Wittle Me

Red Sox Hen has characterized a recent run in on my site as a little old lady getting mugged by a overwrought bully who needs anger management classes.  I must confess I am rougher than I would wish to be.  Seven years working with cons will harden a man.  I would genuinely like to be nicer to people.  Unfortunately I have little patience for the cunning, artifice and  subterfuge I’ve too often found here on MLBlogs.  Noni’s protestations are, at best, disingenuous, and a perfect example.

Noni (or Camille, or whatever her name is) has a history of playing innocent.  In one of the conflicts of the Red Sox Schtick era, she showed up on the site defending Cyn after I posted what has been called a classic here on MLBlogs, The Boston Smiter.  Even back then these people had a problem with hate.  When I attempted to express my disgust with the incessant hate baiting on Red Sox Chick’s site, my comment was promptly deleted (and this from the person that abandoned MLBlogs complaining of censorship).  Frustrated as well as disgusted, I posted the parody. 

Noni also has a problem, again even back then, with not quite telling the whole truth.  She portrayed herself as an innocent who had stumbled into the fray.  In lines eerily similar to her latest line of malarkey:

I scurry thru the blogs every morning, trying to catch a few different ones every day.

The fact that I landed on yours yesterday was just by chance. And actually I am sorry I did.

Noni neglected to mention she was Red Sox Chick’s mother.  Thinking an innocent bystander had gotten caught in the crossfire, I, of course, apologized:


I’m sincerely sorry you got caught in the middle of this. I have no problem with you being a Red Sox Chick fan at all. Thanks for dropping in, and, again, my humblest apologies.

It is obvious I had no idea who she was; nor did she bother to set the record straight.  I didn’t realize until Red Sox Hen started a blog who the **** “Noni” even was.  Even still, I tried to bury the hatchet and have tried to find common ground, like our mutual disdain for the Alyssa Milano fiasco on Jackie Robinson Day.  Then she showed up on SBY and posted this:

I understand that Curt talks much too much about everything, but, Barry Bonds is a cheat and does not deserve to beat any record. When he admitted to using, his record should have been wiped and started over.
Do you also think he belongs in the Hall of Fame?

Ironically, Cyn’s comment that launched the whole Red Sox Schtick ruckus was this:

As they say, personality goes a long way. If Bonds wanted people to be nice to him, he should have thought of that before he started cheating and before he decided to hone the persona he has for his tenure in MLB.

Now I have no problem with people not liking Bonds.  ****, I don’t like him, although after what I’ve been through at the hands of Bonds bashers I’m definitely developing some appreciation for the man and what he has to put up with.  It is the blind, irrational hatred that I find so offensive, a malignance so powerful the hater is unable to control themselves.  Noni knew where she was, and what would be the consequences.  She had been there when I castigated her daughter for pulling the same rancorous nonsense.  All she had to do was keep her mouth shut, click on the next link…

But she couldn’t.  What does that tell you?

Forgive me if I’m not buying the innocent act.  A second time.  In regards to her daughter being innocent–that’s laughable.  Red Sox Chick’s entire schtick consists of stirring up the cess pool to draw flies.  And Mark Newman?  If the head of MLBlogs had acted impartially and fairly in the promotion of bloggers, and not doled out favors to those who fawned on him…well, I have no problem with a man who acts professionally.  But did you notice who was the featured blogger on Mother’s Day, all day long?  Red Sox Hen.  None of the other blogger’s Mother’s Day tributes were so honored.  Ironically, Red Sox Hen didn’t even have a Mother’s Day tribute posted when I clicked on the feature link after posting my own Mother’s Day well wishes.  Of course, she could have been planning to post one and they could have been colluding…but wait, that’s kind of my point, isn’t it?  When I have attempted to discuss the issue rationally with Newman, he dismisses it as some kind of personal problem I have with what he calls “that family”.  He cannot perceive the real issue because his judgment is impaired by his personal attachments.  Professionals behave more circumspectly.

Around here we get…”that family”.  Or am I just being dramatic?

— Michael Norton



  1. Steve


    I really enjoyed reading through those old posts, and by the way, Michael, there’s some really sharp writing in there. Nice work.

    This blogger-on-blogger crime is a bit over the top for me, but I can see how certain posts from certain people can rankle a guy. Nothing wrong with allowing yourself a chance for rebuttal.

    Anyway, just wanted to say that I like reading your stuff. Keep it up!


  2. SomeBallyard

    Thanks, Steve, I really appreciate the support.

    I actually had a really nice post on baseball I was working on before the buffoonery started last night. No one wants an end to this nonsense more than I do, I assure you. It is a tremendous expenditure of time and energy that could better be spent elsewhere. I would much rather be writing about baseball than responding to yahoos.

    Unfortunately there are principles that simply can’t be ignored. If MLBlogs would stop feeding these clowns, I would have just blown them off long ago. I am about ready to do something I am absolutely loathe to do: start deleting comments. I thought when RSC crapped all over MLBlogs by pulling out after MLBlogs to build up that dump, all the while choking off other bloggers from needed promotion, it would stop. Then the dolts started doling out the promotion to her mother! Understand, Mark’s contention was RSC was such a brilliant writer, knew so much about baseball, blah, blah, blah. I actually enjoyed RSH’s posts for their homliness, but there is no way anyone could make the argument she is either a writer or contributing to baseball lore. So what is the criteria now?

    Ah, to **** with it.

    I had a great time at Fenway, BTW. A marvelous time. Red Sox fans are great. They know, and love, their baseball, and it was a sheer delight to share a game with them in a true baseball shrine. Another one of those things I would much rather be writing about…

  3. Rick

    Great site! Don’t let some “fans” get you down. They’re not REAL fans, they’re HATERS. I think that some people misplace their loyalty for a team, forgetting that a MLB team is comprised mostly of the cream of the crop as far as human beings. Most MLB players are great guys, no matter WHAT MLB team that they play for.

    As for the whole Barry Bonds thing, what does it matter if people hate him or love him? A record is a record. Ty Cobb is a HOF’er, as well as some other scurrilous characters. What’s worse: trying to end someone’s career by flying in high with spikes bared, or using a steroids cream? What we need is some perspective. Especially when the commissioner knew exactly what was going on, yet looked the other way, regardless of his attempts to re-write history. Still, their achievements on the field is actually what we honor.

    You’ve got a great blog!

    Don’t let the “HATERS” get ya down!


  4. SomeBallyard

    Thanks for the kind words. You know what Ruth said about Cobb? “Cobb is a *****. But he sure can hit. God Almighty, that man can hit.”

    You are absolutely right about perspective. Absolutely right. That is exactly what is lacking in this scenario.

  5. Lisa

    “Or am I just being dramatic?”

    You’re being overly dramatic. To quote yourself…hatred is as stupid does.

    I’ve been trying to keep up with you because I like your posts and thoughts, but this ridiculous vendetta against someone you don’t even know is beyond ridiculous and childish. I won’t be back.

  6. SomeBallyard

    Well look who just joined the party! You didn’t mention, Lisa, while you were ranting, you’ve got your nose so far up RSC’s *** that when you sneeze, she coughs. Of course you didn’t mention that before, either, when I was kind to you.

    You clowns jumped off the MLBlogs bandwagon. What keeps bringing you back? Can’t get enough attention in the real world?

    Thanks for recognizing the quality of my content. Your dipstick friend had another opinion, although I noticed she keeps reading, too. Funny thing is, despite RSC’s and MLBlogs best machinations, I have plenty of readers who appreciate my work, as you do/did/whatever. Meaning I don’t need you any more than I need that slime Mark Newman. Good riddance.

    Think you’ll stay away, this time? I’ve noticed you slugs keep crawling back, again and again. And again. I’m getting the salt shaker…

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