Giants 20-20

The Giants won in the 12th inning off a wierd bounce off first base on a hit by Randy Winn.  The victory showed some character after losing a heartbreaker in extra innings the night before on a walk off by Carlos Lee.  The win allowed them to avoid the sweep in Houston before returning to the bay area to play Oakland in the rivalry series this weekend, where Barry Zito will face his former team in the opener.  Rookie Tim Linecum pitched another outstanding game and is looking like another bright spot in the rotation.



  1. Phil

    Cool site. Would you happen to have any idea when young Giants minor leaguer Waldis Joaquin will pitch again?

    I run a league with 200 minor leaguers per team, and I drafted him in the Minor League draft. Then he didn’t play at all in 2006.

  2. SomeBallyard

    Yes, he does. He’s not big, but he’s got presence.


    Thanks! I’ve got several I need to update my own blogroll, hopefully this weekend. Check back next week (you too, Paul).


    Yeah, that was kind of wierd watching those two go at it.


    Thanks. No word on Waldis, at least not on the blogs I looked on (and if anyone knows, they would). Best guess is he’s still recovering from Tommy John. The Giants have a lot of talent in their minor league system right now.

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