Rivalry Week

Rivalry Chess Having been a lifelong Sooner fan, I know a little of rivalries. There may be rivalries as intense, but none more so than that between Oklahoma and Texas. Yankees/Red Sox? Not even close to the passions both North and South of the Red River on a crisp weekend in October, much less in the Cotton Bowl or on the State Fair of Texas fairgrounds.

Indeed baseball rivalries simply don’t compare to those in college football. Perhaps it is because it is a professional sport; or maybe because teams play each other so often. There would probably be fatalities if OU-Texas (or as the bad guys call it, Texas-OU) happened more than once a year. The pandemonium is barely controlled as it is.

I grew up despising the Dodgers. I really didn’t know why, I just had a pronounced dislike for anything wearing Blue. It wasn’t until years later that it occurred to me that I had been raised a Giant fan by my father, who grew up in New Jersey following the then New York Giants and died in San Francisco having passed on his passion to his seven year old son.

Irrational hatreds trouble that son, who is now almost as old as his father was then and has a son and grandson of his own. Passing on such a thing…is worrisome. It is the same process by which racism, sexism, anti-Semitism and a whole host of other isms are passed. On the other hand, rivalries may be cathartic and allow us to vent and manage necessary and natural emotions that would otherwise be expressed in negative ways.

Or perhaps that is a Dodge(r).


Rivalry Chess - SF v LA


Editor’s Note:  No, you’re not seeing double.  I inadvertantly posted this in all the excitement last week.  It obviously chronologically belongs during rivalry week, so I’m moving it here.  I immediately trailed it with this morning’s post so as not to unfairly bump anyone from the Recently Updated List. 


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