Nats Pound Dodgers

I’ve been flying the Giants and Red Sox banners this year, pursuing some old, unfinished business as well as some new, unfinished business, but make no mistake, I’m ultimately a Nationals/Orioles man.  All baseball, like politics, is local, and MASN owns me.  But since I have been following the Giants this year, it is especially gratifying to watch the Nats beat the **** out of the Dodgers tonight.  Church just went yard to seal the deal.

I haven’t watched any of the Giants (this year’s team) versus the Mets (last year’s team).  I suppose I win either way.  But then, again, I lose either way.

So I’ll just enjoy…did I mention the Nats were beating the **** out of the Dodgers?

— Michael Norton



  1. Aubrey

    Today is a good day! The Dodgers lose and the Giants get rid of Armando Benitez! The only bad thing is that the Giants lost too but oh well Benitez is GONE!!!


  2. SomeBallyard

    Thanks, Kelly, the Nats need all the love they can get 8)

    Hadn’t heard about Benitez, Aubrey. That is good news.

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