Could This Be What’s Wrong With the Yankees?

What is Joe Torre thinking?  Even if he felt Rodriguez was out of line–and for the sake of full disclosure, I don’t think he was–why is Torre saying it to the press?

“They were angry,” Torre said. “Oh, there’s no question. I can’t say I blame them, but what are you going to do about it? What’s happened has happened.”

Torre said he spoke with Rodriguez after the game.

“It’s probably something he shouldn’t have done,” Torre said. “I don’t sense he’s going to do it again.”

Torre didn’t explicitly tell Rodriguez not to do it, and Rodriguez didn’t say he wouldn’t, according to the manager, but it was clear to Torre there will be no repeat.

Source: ESPN – Torre: A-Rod’s ‘Ha’ out of line

Understand, I like Joe Torre.  I always have.  But there is something about this situation that doesn’t smell right.  Torre has always been marvelous at keeping the New York press at arms length from his players.  So why is he throwing A-Rod under the bus here?  What possible purpose does his comments serve?  And notice the chicanery in the last paragraph.  If Torre felt strongly enough about it to blab to the press, why didn’t he instruct A-Rod not to do it?  He is the manager, isn’t he?

Undercutting your most productive player (where would the Yankees be without Rodriguez’ April) in the press for doing something, anything to win–no matter how bush league–is not good management.  And that is the best case scenario.  I’m wondering whether this episode reveals deeper issues in the clubhouse, something which could explain the Yankees dismal start.

Maybe it is time for Torre to go.  And like I said, I like Joe.

— Michael Norton


  1. Rick

    I just don’t see the big deal about what A-Rod did. I just don’t. If THIS is what amounts to a big deal, then I’m afraid that we’ve lost it and will never recover it.

  2. SomeBallyard


    My point precisely. That’s what puzzled me about Torre’s response. I understand there are some baseball people who don’t like such tactics, but it does happen. Indeed it happens everytime a player goes for a pop foul near the opposing dugout. There is a lot of hypocrisy here.

    Which makes Torre’s response all the more troubling.

  3. Jason

    I’m a little surprised by Torre’s comments also. He’s typically very supportive of hsi guys. Odd. Maybe it’s the stress he’s under to get these guys to perform. Maybe he’s just a little fed up with A-Rod’s “antics” and the interviewer caught Joe at the perfect time.

    A lot of people are definitely overreacting to A-Rod’s “HA!” Things like that happen all the time whether it’s guys in the dugout yelling at the catcher, the catcher talking to the hitter, or fielders faking out a runner. It’s part of baseball.


  4. Aubrey

    I thought what A-Rod did was rather funny. I loved the little smirk he had on his face afterward too. Clark should have stepped up and said he had it. He was right under the ball he should have called everyone else off. I think it’s being made such a big deal because it might be the most exciting thing that happened in baseball this week, I’m sorry to say it but baseball has been boring lately. Well, that was before today of course with the Giants killing the Phillies 13-0 after not having beat them in Philly since ’04 and then there was the Yankees/Sox game. But anyway…yeah Torre shouldn’t have said anything.


  5. Aubrey

    Oh and good job Nats! Keep up the good work beating those NL West teams, except the Giants of course!

  6. Steve

    Seems like Joe was doing a poor job of showing he’s in command. I’m pretty sure that both Joe and A-Rod will be out of the Yankees organization next year.

    And by the way, this would be a non-story if, say, Melky Cabrera had yelled “Mine!” or “ha!” or whatever he yelled.


  7. SomeBallyard

    I think most people begin to yawn at baseball games after Memorial Day.

    Thanks, Chris

    J, Steve…you’re both right, IMHO.

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