It must be my week for stalkers and kooks. I noticed someone rummaging around through the Red Sox Schtick stuff on my site logs.  It had all the skidmarks of Red Sox Chick, the Eric Cartman of baseball blogging, so I figured I’d better hold my nose and check it out.  Among the usual schlock, I found this pearl:

Meh, I’ve ‘unpublished’ the nasty post…so some folks will have read it and others, all you missed was me complaining about my cyberstalker from MLBlogs.  He just isn’t worth the energy or space here.  I did like the category I created in honor of him, though.  “People who are f*ck nuts”  Maybe I’ll get to use it some other time.  I’ll take this moment to wish Mark Newman luck with that whack job.  – note, Mark Newman is NOT the cyberstalker.  He’s a good guy the cyberstalker tried to take down with me.)

Red Sox Chick

I almost wish I hadn’t missed the original.  I don’t waste my time rummaging around on that pig sty of a blog.  You won’t find a single comment of mine there.  She’s always on my site.  So forgive me for asking, but isn’t the stalker supposed to be the one pursuing?  If a woman lurked in the bushes at my house, could I be charged with stalking?  “Oh, help me!  Help me!  The monstah just won’t leave me alone!”

Nice to see she is still kissing Mark (Alfred E.) Newman’s behind.  Know how he luvs having bloggers faun on him.  That’s why Some Ballyard, the only father/son blog on MLBlogs, maybe in all of baseball, never sees the light of day on Father’s Day, much less any other time.  Curious why she felt compelled to point out Newman isn’t the cyberstalker, though.  There’s got to be a story behind that.  But then, as I’ve warned Cyn before, she is dangerously confused on the entire concept of stalking, a term which should be reserved for real victims. 

Shouldn’t be surprising, that information train has completely derailed.  She apparently spends an inordinate amount of time writing a “nasty post”, only to decide it isn’t worth the “time or space”–so she wastes the time she has spent, and spends the time deleting the post.  She then spends more time and space on still another post (with plenty of nastiness included, of course) to note there once was a nasty post in its place.

And I’m the one who is “f*ck nuts“???  (My that wench has a foul mouth)

 — Michael “Whack Job” Norton



  1. Jason

    I was actually the one rummaging through your Schtick posts. I saw new comments from “the troll” and realized I missed a few posts, so I thought I’d catch up. As always, it was quality stuff on your end. Those posts are always an entertaining read and I think “The Boston Smiter” is probably the best post I’ve ever read on any blog. It’s funny cause it’s true.

    It’s painfully obvious who’s the f*** nut here and it’s not you.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. SomeBallyard


    Thanks! Kudos from you always mean alot because I respect your work.

    You weren’t the only one enjoying the “Red Sox Schtick” catgory, though. It is actually rather popular. My logs let me see where people are coming from, and from experience (i.e., IP->comment), I’ve learned to recognize the skidmarks of Red Sox Chick. It isn’t 100% accurate, but close enough. It keeps me clued in when there might be some new nastiness.

    Gotta go watch your Yanks on ESPN.

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