District Bound


District officials are outraged that the Washington Nationals plan to go to Maryland for major events celebrating the team’s first season in the city-funded $611 million stadium complex.

Nationals’ Events in Maryland Anger D.C. – washingtonpost.com

If D.C. were more outraged their team finished fourth than the club selected a hotel across the river in Maryland to celebrate, perhaps the everyone would have something to, well, you know, actually celebrate.  But you know Washington, it’s more about the Parties than the business of running the Nation(als).

The Nationals front explains they are attempting to cultivate a regional following,  The D.C. government feels somewhat jilted since it is financing the new stadium.  Of course this is the same government that re-elected a mayor after he got out of prison for smoking crack.  The investment will ultimately be recouped, but only if baseball survives–this time–in our nation’s capitol.  For that to occur it is imperative the Nationals appeal beyond the half million people who reside within the District of Columbia.  To thrive, the Nationals cannot become District bound.

— Michael Norton



  1. J

    I’ll sympathise with this whining if they first mandated that all the elected federal politicians live and party in the city, instead of mostly in Northern Virginia.

    I think the Nationals’ strategy makes sense. A majority of the metropolitan area is, literally, outside the District borders. That population is what has defined the city’s thriving residency. All in all, it’s going to be a tough market for baseball. The area as a whole is very transient.

  2. dzimmerm@dandp.com

    I live in Northern Virginia, so I’ve gotten to see a lot of this kind of stuff from an up-close perspective. The District always drags its feet on doing things, and one major outcome of that foot-dragging was the building of the Washington Redskins’ stadium in Maryland. Then when DC loses out because they failed to take the necessary action to make things happen the way they want them, they complain vigorously.

    Yes, both Michael and J are correct in observing that residents of Maryland and Virginia are necessary for the success of any DC team.

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