JDs in D.C.

What is this, Bowden’s Home for Wayward Boys?  First the Nats pick up the talented but troubled Lastings Milledge, which I applauded.  Now they’ve acquired talented but troubled Elijah Dukes from Tampa Bay. 

Having worked seven years with JDs (Juvenile Delinquents) in my younger days, I smell trouble, a certain naive beneficence on the part of Nationals management.  Reclaiming one kid is tough enough.  Two increases exponentially the potential for problems.  The rule is to isolate the bad apple from other bad apples.  Putting them together is just asking for it.

Don’t get me wrong, for what they gave up, Dukes is worth the risk.  And I sincerely hope this works out.  I’m concerned, however, turning D.C. into a center for JDs could backfire and instead turn that pristine new ballpark into something resembling the old Central Park, where arms meant something different than the ability to throw out a runner at the plate. 

— Michael Norton



  1. PAUL

    I don’t think you can compare Milledge with Dukes. Milledge is sort of immature and simply needs to be reined in a bit; Dukes has had some seriously dangerous incidents in his past. This shouldn’t come as a shock though; GM Jim Bowden has always been very liberal with the players he picks up. I think he figures that they’re worth a shot considering what he’s giving up for them and if he has to get rid of them for whatever reason, he will. I would have a zero-tolerance policy with Dukes if I were the Nats.

  2. SomeBallyard


    I agree absolutely about the comparison. Indeed one of the reasons for my concern is Dukes could potentially be a negative influence on Milledge, who is really only leaning the wrong way.

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