Will Mr. Mystery Guest Please Step Forward?

It seems Mr. Mystery Guest, jworthy, that staunch defender of MLBlogs on my last post, has never commented before on any MLBlog; or anywhere else for that matter.  A Google search of the email address only locates the comments made right here.  Considering the obvious intimate knowledge of the business and nature of MLBlogs, I find that almost inexplicable–unless, of course, it is a fraudulent address designed to conceal the author’s true identity.  Now why would anyone be trying to hide their identity?

Could give new meaning to the phrase “Official affiliate \ unofficial opinions”.

Whoever he is, my access logs indicate he hails from Somerville, Massachusetts, in the Boston environs.  If you know of anyone who works for MLB that hails from that area, particularly if they have the initials “J.W.” (for some inexplicable reason people have a tendency to construct pseudonyms from their initials), please shoot me an email. I would love to engage Mr. Mystery Guest in an honest discussion.

And they accuse me of being a troll.  Sheesh.

— Michael Norton


One comment

  1. Joe

    I can honestly say I called before the game started. My friends made fun of me. I put on my one friends blog that they would win and was immediately mocked. Who’s laughing now??? Hahah

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