Snowflake League

Using Diamond Mind Baseball, I am simming a season based on performances from the 2007 season, something I call the Snowflake League. The premise is preparation for my 2008 season here in Norfolk. The participating teams were selected on the basis of Tides home series I expect to be able to attend, as well, of course, Baltimore, the parent club, and Washington, my team. I will be alternating managing the Baltimore and Washington teams, depending on which playing at home—like the major league clubs, they are never at home at the same time. The entire roster for each club will be included, sort of like spring training, although the emphasis will be not on the stars or starters, but the second tier players, especially those I anticipate seeing at some time during the upcoming season. The eight teams will play two four game series against each other, for a total of 56 games ending just before the start of the regular season.

So why should this interest you? Might not. But then if you are a box score junkee like I am, it will give you a fix until the real thing starts. The leaderboards and team stats will contain names you will probably be hearing this spring and perhaps even into the regular season. And I’ll be interspersing the reports with observations on simming and borne of simming that you might have never considered.

This is a short season league designed to be a ramp up to some more substantial historical things I’ve been planning to do with simming for a couple of years now, to work out some of the logistics of working with Diamond Mind, a blog and a web site. In other words, it is something of a trial balloon. But, in any case, it should be fun.

Click on the title (2008 Snowflake League) for the league website.

2008 Snowflake League


Bal       5  Was       7Cle       2  NYA       1
Atl       8  Bos       2
Pit       1  Tor       2


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