Aha! The Lampshade Wasn’t Blue, It Was Green!


“One of the things the committee is going to hear on Wednesday is about this party that is supposed to have started this whole thing,” Hardin said. “Roger wasn’t even at this party.”

The report goes on to say that Canseco told Mitchell’s staff “he had numerous conversations with Clemens about the benefits of Deca-Durabolin and Winstrol and how to ‘cycle’ and ‘stack’ steroids.”

SI.com – MLB – Canseco comes to Clemens’ aid – Saturday February 9, 2008 10:51PM

Hardin is performing a clever lawyer trick here.  Note the value he assigns to the party: the whole thing started at the party.  Ergo, no party, no “thing”.  The second quoted statement notes the fact that Canseco and Clemens did have the conversations about steroids, which was the point of McNamee’s contention, i.e., that it was a conversation between Canseco and Clemens that “started” the “whole thing”.  Perhaps his memory as to which party, or, for that matter, conversation it was is faulty.  But that hardly impugns his credibility, anymore than if it turns out McNamee injected Clemens ten times, not a dozen.

What is significant is you don’t hear Clemens denying he ever had conversations with Canseco about the virtue of, and more importantly,  how to use, steroids.  If Roger eschewed steroids as much as he claims, you would imagine he would have terminated that conversation before it ever got started:  “Ah, shut up, Hosey, you’ve got an elbow growing out of your head.  Go pull a tractor with your teeth.”

It just didn’t happen at that party.  You know, the one where Jose ended up dancing with a blue lampshade on his head.  Or was it green?  I can’t remember, I was pretty drunk at the time.  ****, I might not even have been there for all I know.



  1. Jimmy


    The Saga Continues…

    Everyday brings a new story-line to this very sad time in Baseball History!

    According to the AP [2/10/08], “one of Brian McNamee’s lawyers said Sunday, he believed the Justice Department will open a criminal investigaton into Roger Clemens denials of doping”…

    “Richard Emery, one of McNamee’s attorneys, said “I think there will be a criminal prosecution after Wed [Feb.13th], and that means there will be grand jury proceedings”.

    So, there it goes!

    The Hearings will be “must-see” TV !!!

    We all need to Stay Tuned !



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