I Was At the Party and I’ll Lie If I Want To


Photos may exist that show Roger Clemens attended a 1998 party at the home of then-teammate Jose Canseco that was an issue at the Feb. 13 hearings before a congressional subcommittee, The New York Daily News reported.

Such a discovery could undermine Clemens’ sworn testimony that he did not attend the party as the congressional committee decides whether to turn baseball’s steroids issue over to the Justice Department.

The paper said the photo is owned by a man who attended the party when he was 11 years old and took photos of his baseball heroes, including Clemens. Richard Emery, a lawyer for Clemens accuser Brian McNamee, said he was aware of the new development.

FOX Sports on MSN – MLB – Report: Picture puts Clemens at Canseco party

There would be something deliciously ironic if ol’ cheatin’ Rog is finally undone by the worshipful actions of an 11 year old fan.  He thought nothing of the message his actions would convey to the youth if his dirty deeds were ever exposed. 



  1. Jimmy

    Smile! You’re On Candid Camera! …

    If these photos do exist – that was way back in 1998 – before “today’s times”, when almost everyone is walking around with a “camera cell phone”…

    Imagine if the party took place in 2006 or 2007. There would be hundreds of pictures available!…

    Roger, say it ain’t so!

    But, we all know it is!



  2. SomeBallyard

    It is my understanding the guy with the photos has already submitted them to McNamee’s attorneys.


    I wonder if anyone in Clemens camp questioned whether there might be some fool at the party with a camera 8)


    I can’t believe I missed that. You’re absolutely right, of course. As I pointed out before, the party was really a canard issue–raised by Clemens attorney. Ha! He could end up having perjured himself on his own red herring.

  3. Ryan

    The title of the post is brilliant and in addition to that, great observation. How great would it be if it were the purest most innocent of baseball fans…a child at the time…who brought down someone who has helped make the game so impure in its history and legitimacy of those who are honored within. That would be almost nothing short of perfect.

  4. SomeBallyard

    You almost out did me…


    Wouldn’t it though? Like a perfect circle, like the last Roman emporer being named Romulus.

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