Opening Day. Sort Of.

I am an enthusiastic proponent of international baseball, but exporting opening day was not a good idea.  I could deal with the Sunday night contests, which were sort of like opening one Christmas present on Christmas eve.  You fell asleep and then it really was Christmas.

There was something very special about Opening Day, the sense that the races were beginning.  But tomorrow they will be playing spring training games as well as regular season games.  Goofy.

I don’t like it.



  1. J

    I completely agree. There are a lot of fans that would fill up five Fenway parks to kick off the defending champs… and all the way in Japan? It takes the excitement out, especially when the final score comes in before most people refill their morning coffee.

  2. Jimmy

    Hey, Michael!

    The Yankees “Opening Day” is only 5-days away, when they play the Blue Jays at the Stadium on Monday, March 31st…so, baseball ‘for real’ is almost here!

    But, I do have to say, I enjoyed the two early morning games in Japan the last couple of days. Just as spring training is coming to a close, these opening Red Sox vs. A’s games in Japan, were a perfect way to get us ready for the upcoming season…

    I actually “live-blogged” both games! It was fun, as I watched the games on ESPN, enjoying the baseball action with my early morning coffee!

    They were both good games; and, of course, I’m as happy with today’s 5-1 A’s win, as I was disappointed with the Red Sox, come back, 10-inning 6-5 win on Tuesday!

    Rich Harden pitched a really good game today for the A’s [6 IP; 9 K’s]…and, Emil Brown’s 3-run homer was the big hit in the game, as the A’s played a solid game vs. another great Boston Red Sox team [this year]!

    Anyway, I look forward to the start of the Yankees season!

    It will be a fun year, in this last season that the Yankees will play in the “old Yankee Stadium” !!!


  3. Matt

    I agree, Michael. Not that breaking tradition in search of revenue (ie nite games, westward expansion, etc) is intrinsically bad, but dragging jet lagged teams halfway around the world to a neutral site, exhibition style, to open a competitive season between ostensibly American teams, shows how removed MLB is from not only the traditions, but the competitive essence of the game.

  4. SomeBallyard

    This weekend!


    I think it ought to be a rule that the defending champion gets to open the next season at home.


    If some people like it, it can’t be all bad. I must confess it took me years to accept the wild card. Now I love it. We’ll see.


    You made the best argument of all, and one fundamental to the success of international play. To have anything resembling a true “world series” will require careful consideration of the physical demands of travelling. I’m not sure that will work in baseball, where games are played every day.

    Maybe we are talking about the limitations of globalization???

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