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What’s Likes Got to Do With It?

I referenced a possible schism in the Yankees clubhouse in my last post.  Possible, ****.  Everyone knows it exists.  It was documented last year.

A lot of people don’t like ARod.

I can understand why.  There’s a certain phoniness to that All-American hero image he has carefully cultivated.  That’s what made the Stray Rod story work.  If it had been Jason Giambi, do you think anyone would have blinked?  But in all fairness to Rodriguez, he is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t.  We claim we want him to be a role model.  Then if he acts like one, we condemn him for the act.

But nevertheless I understand why a lot of people don’t like ARod.  My question is: what the **** does that have to do with anything?  What is it about baseball culture in this day and age that ‘likes’ is so important?  Winning used to be.  Performance used to be.  Has baseball become something akin to American Idol, where we root for those we like and boo those we despise, whether or not they can sing?

The breaking of the home run record is a non-event for many.  Why?  Because they don’t like Bonds.  Barroids, schmeroids, the real issue is a visceral reaction to Bonds personality, or lack thereof.  Bonds isn’t liked.  ARod isn’t liked.

So?  Ty Cobb wasn’t liked either.  Cobb didn’t like Babe Ruth.  A lot of people didn’t like Ruth, for that matter, something forgetten in the nostalgia.  His manager, Miller Huggins, hated him.  There are reasons Ruth never got his own managerial chance, and it was certainly not because the powers that were didn’t think he could do the job.  He peeved a lot of people.

He hit 714 home runs.  So what’s likes got to do with it?

Could This Be What’s Wrong With the Yankees?

What is Joe Torre thinking?  Even if he felt Rodriguez was out of line–and for the sake of full disclosure, I don’t think he was–why is Torre saying it to the press?

“They were angry,” Torre said. “Oh, there’s no question. I can’t say I blame them, but what are you going to do about it? What’s happened has happened.”

Torre said he spoke with Rodriguez after the game.

“It’s probably something he shouldn’t have done,” Torre said. “I don’t sense he’s going to do it again.”

Torre didn’t explicitly tell Rodriguez not to do it, and Rodriguez didn’t say he wouldn’t, according to the manager, but it was clear to Torre there will be no repeat.

Source: ESPN – Torre: A-Rod’s ‘Ha’ out of line

Understand, I like Joe Torre.  I always have.  But there is something about this situation that doesn’t smell right.  Torre has always been marvelous at keeping the New York press at arms length from his players.  So why is he throwing A-Rod under the bus here?  What possible purpose does his comments serve?  And notice the chicanery in the last paragraph.  If Torre felt strongly enough about it to blab to the press, why didn’t he instruct A-Rod not to do it?  He is the manager, isn’t he?

Undercutting your most productive player (where would the Yankees be without Rodriguez’ April) in the press for doing something, anything to win–no matter how bush league–is not good management.  And that is the best case scenario.  I’m wondering whether this episode reveals deeper issues in the clubhouse, something which could explain the Yankees dismal start.

Maybe it is time for Torre to go.  And like I said, I like Joe.

— Michael Norton

Asterisks for Pasties?

Such is the age we live in…

There is no official word yet whether the mystery blonde has been improperly enhanced by an artificial substance. Though buxom blondes are part of, shall we say, the fabric of the game, they are not subject to routine testing.

Source: FOX Sports on MSN – MLB – Baseball should be thanking A-Rod

So isn’t it somewhat appropriate that the new home run king should be somewhat…artificial?  Wonder how many women screaming for Bonds’s (hairless) scalp have had plastic surgery, or would have if they could afford it?  Or how many men, either for themselves or their paramour?  Is Barroids not a natural symbol of the time we live in, much as the hard living Ruth was an exemplar of the Roaring Twenties?

I once dated an “exotic dancer”, BTW.  Like hitchiking around the US of A, it is something I don’t regret having done once, but would never do again.  ARod, you idiot!

— Michael Norton