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I’ll be vacationing for the next couple of weeks, on a pilgrimage to New England where I will be visiting Walden pond, Plymouth Plantation, Lexington and Concord, and, of course Fenway, among other places.  Feel free to peruse my archives or visit The Jamestown Site while I’m away.  See you soon…

Sunny Sunny Rhode Island

Hello all from sunny sunny Newport, Rhode Island! Home of New England’s beloved Gulls http://www.newportgulls.com/. I had the opportunity to drive by their historic ballpark the other day, but unfortunately will not be here long enough to catch a game. I still hope to snag a few photos before it’s all said and done. Like most of you, I’m waiting in eager anticipation for the season to start. Only 27 days by my watch! cmn

Back II

   As Dad noted it has been an extremely busy summer. Between school, “business” trips, the family, moving, etc. Hopefully the pace of summer will slow down a bit and we’ll have time to watch the evolving season and blog a bit about baseball. The game last night was great! Yay hometeam!