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A Horse, Of Course

 In case you haven’t heard–and you probably haven’t–Oriole Aubrey Huff is in hot water for calling Baltimore a “horses *** town”.

As Aubrey protested, “It must be a slow news day.”

Huff was apparently engaging in an old college “compare and contrast” exercise on a local shock jock radio show, observing the difference between the night life in Tampa and Baltimore (Huff was traded to the Orioles from the Devil Rays).

Are you kidding me?  Firsl, I don’t see how anybody could take seriously something somebody told to “Bubba the Love Sponge”.  Second–I mean, is the comparison, allowing a certain poetic license, really that inappropriate?  You don’t have to have a little Captain in you to know Tampa nightlife is a little more lively and exotic than lovely downtown Baltimore.

Besides, Baltimore is the home of the Preakness, second leg of horse racing’s Triple Crown.  The outskirts of Baltimore feature picturesque thoroughbred racing stables with their maypole like longe lines and distinctive brands.  One might even catch an oriole perched on the white split rail fencing.  Baltimore has as vibrant a horse culture as Tampa has a nightlife.

Maybe that’s what Aubrey had in mind.  What is the huff about?

— Michael Norton

Touched By Greatness

The Kentucky Derby is Saturday.  Everybody who is anybody will be watching.  Even The Queen will grace the most graceful of all sporting events with her royal highness.

The photo was taken at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts from the Mellon Galleries of British Sporting Art collection.  Actually it was the only exhibit open that day.  Everything else was closed in preparation for the grand opening of the Rule Britannia! Art, Royalty and Power in the Age of Jamestown exhibit, featuring–you guessed it–the Queen.

Be sure and catch Matt at Diamondhacks wonderful post relating to horse racing, Touched By Greatness.  Speaking of being touched by greatness, I learned Matt was educated beside such literary luminaries as Matthew Sharpe (Jamestown) and Ann Coulter.  Honestly, I think he is the best writer of the lot.  And you can read him right here on MLBlogs.