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Touched By Greatness

The Kentucky Derby is Saturday.  Everybody who is anybody will be watching.  Even The Queen will grace the most graceful of all sporting events with her royal highness.

The photo was taken at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts from the Mellon Galleries of British Sporting Art collection.  Actually it was the only exhibit open that day.  Everything else was closed in preparation for the grand opening of the Rule Britannia! Art, Royalty and Power in the Age of Jamestown exhibit, featuring–you guessed it–the Queen.

Be sure and catch Matt at Diamondhacks wonderful post relating to horse racing, Touched By Greatness.  Speaking of being touched by greatness, I learned Matt was educated beside such literary luminaries as Matthew Sharpe (Jamestown) and Ann Coulter.  Honestly, I think he is the best writer of the lot.  And you can read him right here on MLBlogs.

The Kid Can Write

If you haven’t already, check out The Ultimate Baseball Collector Chris’ account of opening night at the Roger’s Centre.  For a young writer, he has crafted a fine story.  Knowing a thing or two about writing, I’m telling you, this kid has some serious talent.  He is doing things intuitively that many who study writing cannot do.  It’s like watching a young Ted Williams, except at the keyboard instead of the plate.

The **** Crows

Besides the St. Louis Cardinals, there is one other who can crow: Matt at Diamondhacks. As he reminds us, he predicted the Cardinals in five. My own prediction also was a five game series–with the Tigers winning. That was the general consensus. But Diamondhacks had the jump on us all. So we’ve all got to eat a mouthful of crow :-)

All kidding aside, regular readers of Diamondhacks know that Matt knows baseball. I started to doubt punditry when I read his prediction of the Cards in five.

— Michael Norton

Mets Clinch!!! Mets Clinch!!! Mets Clinch!!!

The 2006 Champions of the National League Eastern Division: the NEW YORK METS!!!

Cheers to all the wonderful MLBlogs Mets blogs, and the friends I’ve made here and on Metsville:

Zen master Evan at Amazine
Insightful Eddie at Willie Ball
The delightful Zoe at Pick Me Up Some Mets!
Carl, Baseball’s answer to Escher, at Inside Pitch
John, the #1 Wrightaholic

And an honorable mention to two other blogs I read regularly, but don’t know the authors–yet:
Met’s Magic Number
Lets Go Mets Go

There are some new blogs I haven’t got around to yet, and some old friends who are no longer with us to share the moment (RADIOMAN, we miss you!).

— Michael Norton

Inside Pitch

Well the Mets have dropped the last two, so it looks like I can get rid of Cheatah [sic], the name I had come up with for the cat, over at Metsville.

Last night I learned there is something wrong with the phrase: “in the ninth, the Mets down by ten”.

Speaking of something amiss, I discovered the other day that Metsville was missing a blog. No, THE blog. Carl at Inside Pitch quietly does some of the best, if not the best, blogging you will find anywhere. I never leave his site without feeling like I’ve learned something. Unfortunately he doesn’t get enough pub around here, or he would definitely be recognized as one of MLBlogs premier bloggers. As an added bonus, Inside Pitch has the coolest author pic I’ve seen. I would swipe it but even I know better than to try to rip off a New York City cabbie.

Around the Horn

By and large, I enjoy reading the blogs more than the traditional press coverage after a game.  You get to see baseball in the greater perspective that is the philosophical underpinning of Some Ballyard.

For example, some fans like their baseball mixed with their metaphysics:

You know, from the classic movie ‘Harold and Kumar go to White Castle’ comes a classic line.."why get so bothered about something. The universe tends to shrug and make things right"……WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED IN THE 9TH INNING TONIGHT…

Redbirds Flight 2005

This little gem of a description compares favorably to anything I’ve read in baseball lore:

From the highest high to the lowest low in the time that it took for a baseball to travel just over 400 feet. I’ve heard the phrase, "the silence was deafening", but never really understood it’s meaning until tonight. When that ball crashed against the railroad track high atop the left field wall above the Crawford boxes, the sudden silence was truely deafening in Minute Maid Park. It was so quiet, coming off of inning after inning of non-stop thunderous noise, that one might have imagined that they had lost the ability to hear.

My Weblog

Another gets a double, demonstrating that all ball, like politics, is local, as well as pointing out the impropriety of corporal indiscretions in front of royalty:

Lidge, graduate of my local Cherry Creek High School here in Colorado, blew it big time last night. One lousy out away from making history, and he chokes. And in front of George and Barbara Bush, too.

Pinstripe Nation

One fan just wants to get out of there:

I HATE Minute Maid Park!  There, I said it.  I hate it with a passion.  If I ever see those Crawford boxes again or hear that buzzing sound that gets played for 1/2 of Houston’s line-up again I am going to be sick.

Ravings of a Rabid Cardinals Fan

While another wants to return home one last time, mixing baseball with metaphysics again as we come full circle:

And now back to Bush Stadium… the field for the Cards was not ready to give up its ground to bulldozers… not just yet!

All Things Cardinal

Some Ballyard, huh?