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Nats Win First

On a mission to redeem himself this year, Dmitri Young redeemed himself today with a walk off hit that gave manager Manny Acta and the Washington Nationals their first win.  It was especially sweet since the game looked eerily similar to the first two, with the Nats down 5-0 after three.  Ryan Church’s three run homer brought Washington back to within striking distance.

Before the game, Ray Knight did it again, proclaiming that the Nats hitting woes (sub .200) was no reason for concern considering they had faced Florida’s top two pitchers, and any Major League team’s top two pitchers will shut down an offense.  Meanwhile a graphic is displaying showing how the Marlins scored 18 runs off the Nats top two pitchers. 

You know, maybe he is trying to say something.


Knight That Man

During the pregame Nats Xtra, MASN’s pundit Ray Knight stated opening day was an aberration.  The Nationals “were not going to lose 9-2 every game”.

Well, Knight was right: they lost 9-3.  And they found a new way to lose: defense.  Shawn Hill pitched encouragingly well.  But he threw 28 pitches in the first inning before recording an out, thanks to bungled plays by first baseman Dmitri Young and shortstop Josh Wilson.  The bases were loaded, and Hill was still pitching a no hitter!

In all fairness, the Nats have been plagued by injuries already.  First baseman Nick Johnson is recovering more slowly than hoped.  Regular shortstop Christian Guzman went down on Opening Day, as did centerfielder Nook Logan.

Maybe the bats will come alive this afternoon and the Nats will only lose 9-4, keeping Ray Knight’s reputation as a prognosticator unsallied.  And maybe Johnny Holliday will wear pants.  After Holliday observed that Knight wasn’t wearing socks under their table, Knight noticed Holliday wasn’t wearing pants.

Can anybody in this organization keep their eye on the ball?  Except, maybe, Ray Knight?

Nats Spanked in Opener

The Nats lost to the Marlins 9-2, and it wasn’t as close as it sounded.  I was fresh out of surgery and singing with sister morphine (this is true), and it was still painful to watch.  John Patterson got lit up early and often.  Unfortunately thanks to the random gods Patterson is also on my MLBlogs League fantasy team, so I got doubled up.

Tonight it is the Nats number two starter, Shawn Hill (limited MLB statisical info), followed by Matt Chico (no MLB statistical info).  Most minor league staffs have more MLB experience.  If memory serves, George Will tells the story of another Washington team that announced “the fans like homeruns, and we’ve assembled a pitching staff to please our fans.”  This could get ugly.

Too bad they didn’t send any of that morphine home with me.  I’m definitely going to need the heart medications before this year is through.

— Michael Norton