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Return of Ruth to Boston

Odds are good ARod’s next address will be Yawkey Way, which may explain the horrible (mis)timing of his announcement that he was opting out of being a Yankee. ARod may have intruded into the Red Sox party not out of insensitivity, but because he wants to be part of that party. In a weird way his actions made him part of the 2007 Red Sox World Championship story. Whose memory of this Series will not be intertwined with ARod stripping off the pinstripes? ARod may have been crashing the party.

Bostonians might want to get used to him. All the talk about who will sign ARod misses one important point: ARod is an eight hundred pound gorilla who will play wherever he wants. Are you going to tell me that any baseball GM would not sign the best player in baseball, this year’s certain MVP, if the price is right? A player who will certainly pack butts in the seats as he chases the homerun record? A lot of people think ARod is just after the money. I doubt it. Does anybody really think anyone will match what the Yankees were offering? No, I think ARod wants a ring. That’s why he went to New York. That is why I think he’ll attempt to jump onto the Boston bandwagon.

Besides, salary is only one part of the economic equation. Endorsements with the market saavy Red Sox, who have already eclipsed the Yankees in merchandising and fan base, would potentially eradicate any salary cut ARod could take to swing the deal. And even if not, Rodriguez has already made enough that if he has any financial sense (and he didn’t get to be the highest paid player by accident), his investments already make enough to render a million or two here or there a trivial consideration.

Especially if its personal, as it may be with ARod. His actions have belied his protestations of affection for New York. I suspect he would like to stick it to the Yankees, who he has to think didn’t fully appreciate his greatness but only focused on his failure to produce a championship. Remember, he was stuck in the eight hole for a playoff game. Like any athlete, ARod is proud. And the greater the athlete, the greater the pride—it is what drives them to greatness. So it is easy to imagine ARod has been stung by the boos, and would not pass on an opportunity to give some pay back. Maybe the Yankees would appreciate his abilities a little more if he were plying those abilities for their detested rivals.

What a story: the most gifted player in the game since Ruth reverses course, leaving New York for Boston. Can you imagine ARod passing first Ruth, then Bonds to become the all-time home run king—in Fenway? The incredible transformation of baseball’s elite franchise from the Yankees to the Red Sox would be symbolicly complete, ARod with Boston emblazoned on his chest in the Hall of Fame as the icon of Red Sox greatness in baseball’s new modern era.

Sepia Tones

Ty Cobb Ty Cobb

Every time there is a Yankees or Red Sox World Series, there are these sepia toned reminisces of Ruth or Williams and the historical legacy of these storied franchises. Yet the two current participants are in no wise devoid of past greatness. Speaking of, this is a great site on the immortal Ty Cobb.

After 80 years, baseball is just now emerging from the shadow of the Bambino, Cobb’s nemesis.


Ty Cobb


Cooperstown. New York.

The rivalry between New York and Boston goes much deeper than the current struggle for supremacy of the American League East.  The modern game grew from the Knickerbocker rules, which competed with the rules of “The Massachusetts Game”, which is still played every Sunday by the Leatherstocking Base Ball Club in Cooperstown.  Cooperstown, New York.